Dekko Productions represents the interests of its two founders, artist and film-maker Rayna Nadeem
and BAFTA winning TV & film 
director Stuart Shahid Bamforth.

Stuart and Rayna both work on their own projects in a freelance capacity, but also often collaborate to produce independent films and art projects under the banner of Dekko Productions.

This work ranges from independent documentary films to social-engagement video/arts projects, public art projects, screenings and festivals, promotional/consultation films, and the facilitating of film-making, digital and arts-based workshops with young people and community groups.

Dekko is interested in the overlooked, the hidden, and the disregarded. We like to focus on the untold narratives that fall between official definition, and the spaces where beauty grows through the cracks.

Whether we are documenting the story of a road-trip to the coast, a Victorian cemetery in East London, or the unrepresented young voices of the Palestinian community, Dekko produces work to challenge our understandings of the world we live in.

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